It’s Time to Re-Examine How We Look After the Team

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It’s Time to Re-Examine How We Look After the Team

In today’s environment of high uncertainty and pandemic worries, it’s time to re examine how we look after the team.

Work challenges are intensifying in the current and uncertain environment. To name a few, personal, relationship, family, physical and mental health concerns are becoming more apparent in the workplace than they were prior to the pandemic. That isn’t meant to imply they weren’t an issue before, they are just magnified.

Traditional employee benefit plans are not able to meet the needs of a modern society, especially now. Its time to rethink the traditional. Todays Benefits of Employmentneed to be much more than employee benefits. Ascension Benefits believes the Benefits of Employmentare key components to retention and productivity and has grouped these together in its Your Lifebenefit structure. These include

  1. Group Benefits
  2. Physical Health
  3. Mental Health
  4. Financial Health
  5. Disability Management
  6. Success & Motivation

Ascension partners with employers to support their employees. We do the work of understanding a persons individual need then formulate the appropriate plan to address that need. Once in place, open communication ensures things are working well and needs are being met

By addressing employee needs, engagement increases while overall costs decrease. Simply put, increased engagement means increased profitability. By looking after your team, you look after your business. Its just that simple.

Michael Zizek

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