Sometimes We Just Need to Change Our Perspective

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Sometimes We Just Need to Change Our Perspective

Sometimes we run so hard, so fast, we dont look down to see we are actually on a treadmill. Take one step to the right, stop, gain perspective, and breathe

“What I’m talking about is perspective” says Jon Chescoe from Ascension Benefits. Business leaders today are constantly trying to drive results with finite resources when the key to sustained improvement is the team, not just as a whole, but more importantly, on an individual level.

How the team functions at the individual level has more of an impact on overall business performance than any other factor in our control. Yet our compensation and benefit strategies, used to drive engagement and retention, are often targeted at the macro level. Often, employees have access to significant benefits but they either dont know about them or more commonly, donknow how to access them. The end result is a large spend with limited positive results

At Ascension Benefits, our focus is Your Life, an Employee Benefits Concierge Service designed to link employees to opportunities and resources that will help them reach their full potential. Both at work and at home, your life encompasses many challenges and the Your Lifeconcierge benefit structure is designed to help employees meet them head on

Ascension works with employers to support their employees. We do the work of understanding individual employee needs, recommending suitable practitioners and resources while following up to make sure things are working well for everyone. If we recommend a service that is not provided in a current benefit package, we pick up the costs

Its not about more resources, better benefits or additional costs. Its about better utilization of what is already provided. Sometimes you just need to stop and gain perspective. When is a good time for you or your team to stop and take a good look in the mirror


Michael Zizek

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