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pro-active disability management

It’s estimated that one in three employees in Canada will make a long-term disability (LTD) claim in their working life. 

By implementing a structured and integrated approach to disability management in the workplace, employers can either prevent or reduce the length of an extended absence. It’s important to initiate the process early, and maintain employee contact to reduce claim duration. Conversely, the longer someone is off work, the more difficult it is for them to return.

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The Bene[fit] offers a unique concierge driven disability management solution.

We create a personal connection, no cookie-cutter solutions
Open files immediately
Provide a solid return to work process
Establish regular contact with the employee and keep them engaged

The Path to Pro-Active Disability Management


Early intervention to expedite claims & establish communication.


Support Employers and Employees through the disability process.


Guide employers to offer suitable interim or alternate duties.


Assist in return to work strategies to facilitate their overall recovery.

Total Cost of Disability Claims

Direct Costs

Long-Term Disability (LTD) costs
Workers’ Compensation premiums paid to your province
Internal costs to administer and manage  WCB, STD and LTD claims
Short-Term Disability Costs
Increases to insurance premiums
Salary continuance costs (if applicable to employees on STD)
Overtime costs to cover absent employees
Salary/payroll costs for absent employees

Direct Costs


Indirect Costs


The Growing Cost of Disability Claims

Indirect Costs

Employee morale: psychological cost on employees who have to pickup the slack with a heavier workload
Client Service Costs – Problems or penalties caused by delays or lower service standards
Productivity Loss – Work not done during an absence
Management Costs – increased time and effort by leaders to manage the effects of absence and arranging a replacement
Replacement Costs – recruiting, training and integrating new or temporary employees

Optimal Outcomes is a unique and powerful program that has been proven to help.


Optimal Outcomes is a unique and powerful program that has been proven to help.