Strategic Group Benefits

Strategic Group Benefits

At Ascension Benefits, we believe that the traditional benefit approach does not focus on the client’s needs, but rather on the current products available which are then manipulated to fit. It’s time to break the mold and customize to meet the challenges of our client’s business. Our four-step process outlined below describes our approach from initial definition right through to implementation and ongoing support.

It’s not about more resources, better benefits or additional costs. It’s about better utilization of what is already provided. Sometimes you just need to stop, look in the mirror and change your perspective.

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Understanding your business, your vision and strategy will enable us to effectively evaluate your current benefits offering. Conducting meaningful research and analysis of markets, trends and emerging best practices is fundamental to our success.


Obtaining key insights into your business will enable us to design a group benefits solution that supports your culture, strategic objectives and drives employee engagement.


Change readiness is often overlooked when implementing changes to people based programs. This can have adverse impacts, despite best intentions. We ensure implementation is supported with communication and plans that respect all stakeholder groups.


We deliver on our client promises. Our approach is to partner with you to identify critical success factors and customize a quality assurance and service program that supports your unique needs.

It’s All About Fit

Ascension Benefits provides an individual and customized program for each of its clients. Benefits need to be finely tailored to the specific needs of the organization, its employees, and their unique challenges.

We seek to facilitate an overall increase in engagement and productivity by focusing on Three Key Areas:

Traditional Benefits: We work with our clients to customize their overall plan and its approach to meet their business objectives. From plan design to implementation and follow-up, we work with our clients year-round to maximize their ROI on the benefit spend.

Employee Health and Well Being: We focus on “Your Life” with an Employee Benefits Concierge Service designed to link employees to opportunities and resources that will help them reach their full potential. We help employers take care of their employee’s, who in turn take care of customers which in turn drives business results.

Client Support and Disability Management: In addition to the traditional personalized support on benefits, we partner with our Clients and Benefit Providers to provide specialized disability management services. Our experience and your “know how” can go a long way to building overall engagement.

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